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March 29, 2010

Search anything in your Database schema right from SSMS

In my one of earlier articles here I wrote about a way to find any value in any database column. Today, I found a great free tool, from RedGate, to find dependencies of any object. The tool “SQL Search” is available here. This can be used for impact analysis, improving the performance by replacing “Select *” with actual column name etc.

The best part is that it installs as an SSMS plugin, making it very easy to use it.

I recommend every SSMS user to give it a try.


August 27, 2008

How to copy query results With column headers?

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It is a very common practice that sometime you need to copy the query results from SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) results tab to excel or any other application. The problem normally we face is that it does copy column headers and you have to write the column headers by your self. Here is the quick tip to enable column headers copying.

  1. In SSMS, open Tools menu and click Options
  2. Expand Query Results node and click Results to Grid
  3. Check Include column headers when copying or saving the results. Your screen will look similar to following:
  4. Results To Grid Option Screen

  5. Click Save to save your settings.

Now, whenever you will copy the query results, column headers will be copied too.


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