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April 5, 2010

Online Content Vacuum Technology in SQL Server 2008

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As per SSWUG.org reports in their newsletter, Microsoft has announced an excellent and cool feature for Data Mining lovers. It is Online Content Vacuum Technology. Following is the announcement from Microsoft:

SEATTLE, WA – Microsoft today announced that the next release of SQL Server would include a new data scraping and categorizing utility, code-named “Vacuum” in the next CTP release of SQL Server.  The functionality allows SQL Server to apply its world-class search technologies to content found on the web, and allows companies to “bring the cloud” down to their local networks for searching.

“This technology will be key to using many of the vast resources that are simply too tough to navigate, too tough to find what you need in today’s world,” says Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO.  “The Internet and social networks, blogs and other resource represent the biggest form of business intelligence resources available, but incorporating them into your work is difficult.  By using Vacuum, you simply identify the root sources of information you trust and let SQL Server pull in and categorize information for you automatically.  From there, use the new features of SQL Server 2008 R4.1 to query, report on and learn from all of those sources.  It’s what business intelligence needs to be to really enhance your ROI.”

By using Vacuum, users will be able to provide instant backup to the data represented in their systems.  At the same time, by pulling data from the cloud and bringing it onto the local network databases, companies can better control information presented, can update their databases and can avoid the abstract nature of working on the Internet.

“We’re excited to bring this announcement to the IT Professional community.  It’s clear that we can provide real value by automatically tying online resources to reports and other local resources for reporting.  We’ve been working very hard on the fact-recognition logic in SQL Server 2008 R4.1 so that it can relate information on your systems with information online, bringing the two together automatically,” said Donald Farmer of Microsoft.  “We spent a lot of time building out the great functionality in the PowerPivot toolset.  By adding this Vacuum tool to the mix, we’ll be able to back up any fact you may be looking to share, all automatically.  It’s simply incredible.”

The release of the Vacuum tools should be ready in the next CTP of SQL Server 2008 R4.1.


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