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August 26, 2008

Deleting ununsed primary keys

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Sometimes we need to make sure that all keys in the primary key table has atleast one corresponding row in child table or in other words every key has been used atleast once as a foreign key. This is a typical scenario we face during data import where data integrity can not be guarnteed 100% due to various reason. Following script demonstrate a simple technique to delete all those rows in the master table which are not used in child table.

Use tempdb;

/* Create sample tables and insert sample data */

Create table tblMaster


masterId int,

masterName varchar(50)



Create table tblChild


childId int NOT NULL IDENTITY (1, 1),

masterId int,

childName varchar(50)



Insert into tblMaster (masterId,masterName) values (1,‘Master 1’);

Insert into tblMaster (masterId,masterName) values (2,‘Master 2’);

Insert into tblMaster (masterId,masterName) values (3,‘Master 3’);

Insert into tblMaster (masterId,masterName) values (4,‘Master 4’);


Insert into tblChild (masterId,childName) values (1,‘Child 1’);

Insert into tblChild (masterId,childName) values (1,‘Child 2’);

Insert into tblChild (masterId,childName) values (1,‘Child 3’);

Insert into tblChild (masterId,childName) values (2,‘Child 4’);


/* Master table before deletion */

Select * from tblMaster


/* Delete unused rows */

Delete tblMaster


not exists


Select masterId

from tblChild





/* Master table after deletion */

Select * from tblMaster


/* Clean up */

drop table tblMaster;


drop table tblChild;



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