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September 7, 2007

Data Services: Get ready for Microsoft’s new project called Astoria

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Today’s programming of web has been changed dramatically with the advancement in technologies like AJAX, RSS, ATOM and Mehsups applications. Some of these are protocols, some are data formats and some are just the aggregators to get data from somewhere and add value on top of it in one way or other.
Microsoft is working on a project code name called “Astoria“. This project aims to provide pure Data Services. Pure Data Services means you can make your data accessible on the web without specifically creating different web services for different type of requests.
It is actually a concept of exposing data totally independent of format in a uniform protocol.

Suppose you have created the data service for your database NorthWind then a user can get the data directly by accessing URI and can navigate to the data hierarchy by adding predicates in web request.

For example (From Microsoft document here):
You want to retrieve the list of customers it will become

Now you want a specific customer of id ALFKI, you will write

Server will return data in XML,JSON or any other supported format based on user’s request

In this way you can build widgets, meshups,tickers, Flash graphs etc. where UI will natively communicate with data.

This project is in very early stages and you can get more information from here
Astoria FAQ


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