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June 26, 2007

T-SQL DATETIME : Last Day of the Month

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Getting the last day of the month, for the given date, by TSQL is bit tricky. Following user defined function provides you a handy general purpose function to get the last day of the month.
It gets the last day of the month as follows:
For example we have a given date 17-March-2007

  1. Add a month in the given date by using DateAdd function. It will become 17-April-2007
  2. Get the Day part of the date from the above step. It is 17
  3. Subtract number of days of the second step from the date of step 1. It will become 31-March-2007
  4. Resulting date in step 3 is our answer.

Following is the TSQL code of the function

Create function
udf_GetLastDayOfTheMonth(@m_GivenDate datetime)

returns datetime

Return dateadd(day,-1* day(dateadd(month,1,@m_GivenDate)),dateadd(month,1,@m_GivenDate))



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