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May 24, 2007

Finding gaps in values

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Sometimes you need to find gaps in values of the given integer column. For example, you need to find gaps in the id column of a given table so that you can use those values for new records to fill the gaps. Mostly it happens when we import data from some other system which does not guarantee the consecutive ids. Following is the TSQL query which returns all the gaps:

–Disable intermediate SQL Server messages
Set nocount on

–Create a table variable
Declare @m_TestTable table (id int)

—Insert some sample values
Insert into @m_TestTable values(0)
Insert into @m_TestTable values(5)
Insert into @m_TestTable values(6)
Insert into @m_TestTable values(7)
Insert into @m_TestTable values(10)
Insert into @m_TestTable values(15)

—Run actual query to display gaps
Select currentPoint+1 as StartIndex,nextPoint1 as EndIndex
( –Create pairs of start and end points
Select id as currentPoint,
Select Min(id) from @m_TestTable as B
Where B.id>A.Id
) as nextPoint
From @m_TestTable as A

) as D
–Removing all incorrect pairs where Start is greater than End
Where nextPointcurrentPoint>1


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