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May 5, 2007

Caluclating running total

Filed under: Common Table Extressions,CTE,Running Total — namwar @ 9:27 PM

Calculating running total is a typical requirement of most several financial reports. These reports requires a field which displays the running total another field like Salary or Amount etc..

Following is the query to calculate running total for AdventureWorks Purchasing.PurchaseOrderHeader table:

–Actual Query
( Select Row_Number() Over(Order by PurchaseOrderID) as RowNum, PurchaseOrderID,TotalDue
from Purchasing.PurchaseOrderHeader

–Final Query to return the running total
Select RowNum,PurchaseOrderID,TotalDue,
( Select Sum(TotalDue) from tblItemsWithRow m where m.RowNum<= s.RowNum) as RunningTotal
from tblItemsWithRow s


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  1. I was kind of searching this forever but got the perfect example but to my surprise CTE gives slower result that my cross join query….

    Comment by raveendra — October 6, 2011 @ 4:50 PM | Reply

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